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From an early age, we believed that if you want to do something, you do it, and do everything in your power to make it what you want it to be. The daughters of entrepreneurs, we pursued our dream of going into business together when we opened the clothing boutique in Joplin, Missouri. We wanted the freedom and flexibility that comes with being our own bosses, and to allow us to raise our families while doing what we love. We’ve always had a different sense of style – Ericka loves pink, sparkle, and stripes and Misha likes solid colors and blacks and grays. Instead of fighting back and forth on designs and patterns, we compromise. Pairing our styles, we’ve been able to create something for everyone, and every day, we’re grateful and lucky to be able to bring our creations to you.


These lovely boho tassel earrings will make a great statement piece for any outfit!


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Measures & Material

3 in long. It’s elegant metallic shape and tassels that fall down effortlessly make it a must-have earring!


Handle with care, as stones in crystal pave beads may fall out if dropped or mishandled. To ensure that your metals retain their best appearance, it is best to store your jewelry in sealed bags to slow oxidation of the metals. Protect your jewelry from direct contact with liquids and chemicals including salt water, hair products, lotions, perfumes or oils. For metal items, a gentle polishing cloth works well too. Never dip in jewelry cleaner.