Lotus flower earrings


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I was immersed in the world of geometry, lines, proportions, design, and the technology of laser-cutting. I was fascinated with the endless possibilities of combining my passion for design with laser cutting technology. All that is created is done from my home studio, allowing me to translate my inspirations almost instantly. Being able to have full control over design, packaging, and shipping also gives me the confidence I need to share my creations. I strive to be as earth friendly as possible. My preferred material is bamboo, chosen for its sustainability; I then repurpose cardboard into my packaging material.


Beautifully-done, light laser cut, bamboo Lotus stud earrings.


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Measures & Material

Materials: bamboo, mineral oil, surgical steel post. the lotus flower symbolizes purity of mind, body, and spirit. rising above the murky waters of desire and attachment. each earring is approximately .4 inches in diameter. 1/8 inch bamboo plywood. made with 10mm surgical steel post (hypoallergenic). bamboo wood is 100% renewable


Always remove your jewelry when applying scent, lotions and potions, or even better, always put your jewelry on last when getting dressed.