Tree of Life Pendant – Pearl


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Celina Ortiz and her husband find discarded television sets and deconstruct them, removing the copper and aluminum wire in the process. With this valuable material in hand, they wrap the material around stone pendants in a tree-like design. The wire spans the width of the teardrop and oval forms, framing them with delicate branches that electrifyingly extend and wrap around the stone. Aptly called Tree of Life necklaces, Recycled Beautifully twists and binds the same design over a variety of colors and patterns. Some stones, such as the opal or abalone, have a dazzling, psychedelic feel to them. Other finishes like turquoise or agate are more conventional but equally as stunning, showcasing Earth’s amazing creations with a clever eco-friendly enclosure.


Handmade Mother of Pearl / Abalone Tree of Life pendant wrapped in recycled copper wire. Drop ring incorporated into wire wrapping for easy use with a necklace of your choosing. Black cord included.


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Measures & Material

Pendant is 2.5 inches in length. All wire used in making this pendant is recycled copper . Drop ring incorporated into wire wrapping for easy use with a necklace of your choosing. Materials: copper, wire, Mother of Pearl/Abalone.


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